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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes
Sean Roach

From The Desk Of Sean Roach
International Best-Selling Author/Presenter and Celebrity Speaker Coach,
Responsible For Hundreds Of Millions In Platform Sales!


Dear Speaker

The “old way” of getting paid to speak is history!

Follow this story along as I explain why…

Sell from StageBack in 2002, two young guys, John and Steve, met at a Speaker Training Event in Sydney, Australia…

Both these guys were from the same industry… and both were already well-established, successful, and making decent money.

What’s more…

Both came to this speaker training event seeking the same thing


You see… both John and Steve complained of being TOO busy working one-on-one with clients…  they knew working this way put a permanent “cap” on how much they could earn.

But these guys were SMART!

They knew if they were to speak in front of a crowd… they could make 4, 5, possibly even 10 times more money in the same amount of time.

During the seminar, one thing became obvious to all. John was the better speaker. He was funny, engaging, inspiring and magnetic... To top it off, he even had the ‘looks’.

In fact, he was the shining star of the group.

Steve, however, well... He was more of your "Mr. Average"… The type who gets lost in a crowd.

Nonetheless, they both kicked-off their speaking careers at the same time.

Then recently, after 11 years…

John bumped into Steve at Brisbane airport. They were still in the same industry. And both, as it turned out, had made successful careers for themselves as professional speakers.

But there was a difference...

John (the better speaker) was making $145,000 per year from speaking.

Steve however…  he was making…

Over $1.6 Million Dollars a Year From Speaking!

So what made the difference? Well I’ll tell you in a second… but first let me tell you what happened during those 11 years.

John was still going-around pleasing audiences with his great speaking skills and magnetic personality.

But Steve... he met a Mentor who taught him some valuable lessons early on in the piece...

He discovered that being a successful speaker had very little do with how well you speak…Very little to do with having natural talent or charisma... DEFINITELY had nothing to do with intelligence. And sadly, having a depth of product knowledge… well that wasn't much of a factor either…

Steve learned that to be a successful and PROFITABLE speaker, he had to master just one skill.

How To "Sell From Stage"...

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Event promoters want you! There's a current worldwide shortage of women speakers who can effectively sell from stage, and this balance needs to be rectified now! Watch Pegine's video and read below to find out how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

"Sean actually DOES what he teaches, and he's always there when you need advice"

Anna Liotta, CSP, Author of
“Unlocking Generational Codes” & Past President
of the National Speakers Association, Pacific NW

"There is a difference between motivating people in the moment (as a speaker), and motivating them to invest in you and your products. Sean knows how to teach you this"

Pegine Echevarria, CSP
Board Member, National Speakers Association
Council Member, Global Speakers Federation
1 of 8 Women Inducted into the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame

Get Off Your Duff and Make Your Own Cheese

HANG-ON. Before we dive too deep here… it's important we set the scene... so I thought I'd better give you some credentials so you know I’m the real deal. So first a bit about me...

Here's What Others Are Saying
About Sean's BEST SELLING Book!

“The success of a company isn’t based on money but the people you have running it. More employees need to appreciate the perspective outlined in this book!”

Steve Jobs,
Co-founder, Chairman, CEO of Apple Inc

Apple Logo

“We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don’t want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential. I said that in 2005 and believe Sean is saying the same thing in his book. It’s time for a change so get off your duff.”

Barack Obama,
President of the United States

President Logo


"Whatever you choose to do in life, make it count!"

Bindi Irwin


"I want to learn from the BEST, and that's what Sean is at teaching how to sell from stage!"

Jason Hewlett
Entertainer & Public Speaker

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

“It’s an inspiring collection of people, like myself, who have worked hard, believed they could do it and are excited about the prospects.”

Sir Richard Branson,
Chairman of Virgin Group

virgin logo

“Sean Roach is here not to impress you but to impress upon you that when you Pour Your Heart Into It, you D.A.R.E to be fulfilled.”

Howard Schultz,
Chairman and CEO or Starbucks

starbucks logo


...Okay, where was I?

Once Steve mastered the skill of selling from stage, he instantly became HOT PROPERTY. Promoters all over the world would fight tooth and nail to have him speak to their audiences. Why?

Simple. He could sell! An easy economic decision for the promoter.

This skill put Steve in front of LARGE audiences all over the world, often making $150,000, $200,000, $300,000 or more, from just one 90-minute talk.

(More than John was making from a whole years’ worth of speaking engagements)

And that my friend, is why most speaker trainings are a complete waste of money!

I know, I know, this will INFURIATE some of the more "precious" speaker trainers out there... whatever... someone has to tell it how it is.

Look. There are 4 things you need to really NAIL to become a successful and profitable speaker, and yes… I’m going to tell you what they are…

Fact is, a lot of the so-called ‘expert' speaker trainers skim over these factors, or completely leave them out altogether.

Why? Simply because, they either don't know it themselves… or they don't know how to teach it… or both!

Listen, if all you want is to be a great speaker, it’s easy. Sign up for Toastmasters. They'll teach you how to speak confidently and fluently in almost any situation. You'll be giving great speeches in no time… Guaranteed to get a tremendous applause at the end of your talk.


Applause Alone Won’t Put Food On The Table…

(I’ll probably get lynched by the ‘Speakers Union’ for telling you this, but)…

If you want to take the lucrative path (like Steve), then here are the 4 things you need to NAIL:

    1. Crafting Your Offer (one that you can see yourself delivering, and your audience accepting)

    2. Pricing Your Products (I’m talk’n high-priced products that will allow you to make six figures from a single talk)

    3. Packaging Your Offer For The Right Audience (because each audience you encounter will be different)

    4. Promoting Yourself (and also making sure you are covering yourself with Event Promoters)

I’ve Been Around This Industry For 22 Years & Effectively
Selling From Stage For Over 18 Years!

I started my career as a 20-something “Summer Roadie” to one of the finest Sales-Trainers of all time…Tom Hopkins…cutting my sales-teeth under his expert guidance.

I’ve spoken all over the world – to millions of people... PLUS... I've been coming to Australia since I was 16 years old and speaking to Australian audiences for the last 15 years!

I've made as little as $50,000 to over $800,000 from one 90 minute talk.

Not once, but several times, I've made over $1.4 million dollars from a 10-day speaking tour.

And YES... In Australia too!

During my time on stage, I’ve toured with many well-known, and seasoned veterans of the speaking circuits, all over the world, and…I’ve outsold them ALL!

“Sean Made More Sales Than Any Other Speaker”

John Assaraf, From “The Secret”
New York Times Best-Selling Author of
“Having it All” & “The Answer”

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

“How” I’ve managed to do this is something I’ve shared
with only my students… and hopefully, very soon…

… I can include you in that exclusive group too.

Could you handle making over $1 million of sales in 10 days? That's the kind of results we want to help you achieve.

Last year’s event was the most comprehensive, detailed, hands-on training ever produced on how to Sell From Stage… and this years is set to be even better!

You see... There's An Amazing Lifestyle Waiting For You...

This Could Be YouAn exciting life where you can wake up one morning in one part of the world... jump on an airplane and travel (in style) to somewhere new... be picked up by a driver and chauffeured to a luxury venue packed to the brim with enthusiastic people waiting to hear you speak...

...You'll be treated like royalty.

A promoter announces your name and introduces you to the crowd. There’s an electric feel to the room - and just as an applause greets your arrival on stage… you are overcome with an over-whelming sense of confidence and clarity…Top Seller

At the end of your talk you'll see a busy crowd rushing to the order table, credit cards in hand, eagerly filling in their order forms...

You step on stage, and for the next 90 minutes, you give a spellbinding presentation that captivates and inspires every person in the room…

At the end of your talk you see a bustling crowd rushing to the order table, credit cards in hand, eagerly filling in their order forms…

Congratulations, You've Just Made ANOTHER
$150,000 From a Single 90 Minute Talk!

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

What's more exciting… is you're making a difference in people's lives… they've captured your vision and are now excited to invest in themselves with your generous offer…

All in one day!

And yes, you can have several days like this per week, per month, your choice. Sounds pretty amazing right? Even easy…

It's true and it can happen – BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Sorry to burst your bubble there, but I gotta warn you...

Don’t Buy Into the “Public Speaking” Dream Until You Read This...

Look, if you want a lifestyle like that, you'd want to make sure you get the RIGHT training.

Steve realised early-on that his success as a Speaker was due to having a Mentor and Coach who could offer a lifeline whenever he needed help taking his speaking career and income to the next level.

The Dream

That’s what you get with me.

YES YOU CAN live this amazing lifestyle, but in reality… only maybe 5% of speakers can do this consistently.

It's the rare bunch who truly know how to SELL from stage and how to properly MARKET themselves. They all started with the right training and a mentor who could “walk their talk”.

Too many speaker trainers lure people in with the grand promises... only to teach them the most basic skills… leaving them stranded and disillusioned about what it really takes to live a lucrative speaker lifestyle.

Listen up. Because the old way is dead.

  • The best speaker doesn't make the most...
  • The funniest speaker doesn't make the most...
  • The most authentic speaker doesn't make the most...
  • The most inspirational speaker doesn't make the most...
  • The most knowledgeable speaker doesn't make the most...

Like it or hate it... Today's reality is...

The Speaker Who Is Best At SELLING
Will Always Be The Most Successful!

And that's what I want to teach you... How to SELL from stage... PLUS...
how to keep your authentic style - and not turn you into a robot like other training courses will...

Yes, there IS a difference. Here’s more proof…

“It Will Change
Your Life!”

Sally-Anne Ferguson
Coffee Business Sydney Australia

“Anyone Wanting To Make More Money As A Professional Speaker Will Profit From Sean’s Vast Expertise!”

Dr. John
Chiropractor, USA

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

Selling From Stage Is A Skill You Can Master!

IT'S NOT a one-size-fits-all method – that's where other speaker trainers go wrong.

When Promoters ask me to "fix" a speaker (happens a lot) because they're not selling well... The number one problem I see is they've invested in multiple speaker training courses and are trying to blend them all together.

They become ROBOTIC, predictable, rehearsed and painfully obvious to the crowd that they're trying to sell.

They sacrifice their authenticity because someone tried to mold them into a box of how they ‘should' sell.




What works for some speakers DOES NOT always work for everyone else... You have your own style...

People are instinctively attracted to authenticity. You can't manufacture authenticity.

You have a natural way to influence and sell to people...

You need to harness the innate power of...


You have a unique personality, temperament and style… It's your “selling DNA”…

If you move away from that, you'll cause INSTANT sales-friction with the audience.

Watch these videos to see the amazing results these speakers have had thanks to me helping them enhance their unique selling skills on stage...

“Sean Helps You To Perfectly Capture Your Individual Style”

Professional Speaker

"I Was Talking To Rooms Full
Of People, Without Ever
Being Able To Close The Deal. Then I Met Sean"

Stephanie Nomchong
Multi-Level Marketing

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

Can You Handle Making $150,000 In Just 90 Minutes?

Okay, that’s a set up, you know it. Who wouldn’t want to make money like that, so fast?

Can you see it? Now, imagine doing that every single month for the next 12 months.

Let this sink in for a moment... You've never seen your bank account look like that before... Can you feel the excitement running through your body knowing your money problems are a thing of the past?

What will be the first things you do when you start making money like this?

  • Lift the weight of debt off your shoulders once and for all
  • Grow your savings account so you have $1Million buffer
  • Start looking at exciting new investment opportunities
  • Travel the world with whoever you want, whenever you want
  • Give your family and loved ones a surprise financial boost
  • Feel great about donating money to your favourite charities
  • Walk into a car dealership and pay cash for your dream car
  • Upgrade to your dream home filled with exotic furniture
  • Enjoy a PURPOSE filled life making a difference for others
  • Dream like a kid again… since your imagination will be your only limitation!!

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

Listen Closely... This Is Important…

YES, I can teach you how to build a high six or seven figure speaking career, but you must know this…

This special training is NOT for everyone.

I'm unashamedly looking for a certain type of person.

What I do is kinda like "The Voice" in the way that I'm looking for a few undiscovered superstars to promote to our 200,000 strong database…

And kick-start their career at breakneck speed…

(And yes, even those who don't know how good they are yet!)

I want to give you the heads-up of the type of person I'm looking for. Read below to see if this description resonates with you…

Does This Sound Like You?

Plain and simple, you want more…

Sure, you've already hit a certain level of success in what you do, haven't you? You even have a lot of people who look up to you... Who respect and admire you. That's great and all, but you know you've got more to give.

You know, deep down, you're destined for something MUCH greater. Since you were a kid, you've had this ball of desire burning away in the pit of your stomach. You can even feel it now, right?

Every movie you watch where the underdog triumphs under great odds... it adds more fuel to your quest for a successful life.

You have an internal narrative that quietly reminds you, "You Are Destined For Greater Things... You Have the Potential And Your Time Will Come, So Don't Give up"

You sometimes get frustrated that it's taking so damn long — and costing so much.

You see others skyrocket to success and it doesn't make sense to you. Sure, you're happy for them, no problem there… but a part of you gets annoyed.

While you enjoy the small-time accolades and recognition you're getting already... You know there's a WHOLE BIGGER chapter of success waiting for you... You want to spread your unique message to the world.

All you need is someone to believe in you... Someone to maybe even see more in you than you see in yourself.

You've been bashing your knuckles on the door of success long enough and now it's your time to shine!

Okay Stop There.

I reckon, maybe 90% of the people who just read that, wouldn’t relate to it the way you did — they’d simply gloss over it with little reflection.

It's those qualities... YOU the 10%... that we’re looking for...

... That's the mark of a superstar waiting to happen. And that's who we want to work with... A diamond-in-the-rough who has enough courage to work hard and is ready to take their success to an all new level.


“One Hundred Fold Return
On Your Money”

Paul O'Mahony
Digital Marketing Expert


“I used to struggle to sell from stage, now I get instant results!”

Dr. Douglas Brackman
PhD Clinical Psychology & PhD Business Psychology

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

“Okay Sean, I'm Keen So How Can I Become Part of This?”

Okay SeanGlad you asked. We’ll be taking a small group of hand-selected people and teaching them EVERYTHING they need to know to make their yearly income in just one day – as a profitable speaker.

But, let’s be clear...

The "Sell-from-Stage" training I’ve conducted previously, only caters for a tiny (very small) intimate and exclusive group of people.

That way, we can personally coach and critique each person and discover their unique style... And help them build a presentation that attracts a stampede of sales every time they open their mouth.

This year again, competition for spots will be HOT… So there’s bound to be a few disappointed people. If you miss out it just means you might not be quite ready to take this next step.

It's not a free event and only a few select individuals will qualify...

Join The Worlds Premium Sell From Stage

You're Invited To Apply For Our Small, Private Speaker-Club So We Can
Personally Mentor & Groom You Into A Magnetic Powerhouse Selling Speaker
That EVERY Promoter Begs For You To Speak On Their Stage!

If you’re accepted into our private speakers club, here’s what you’ll get…

Get One3 Power-Packed Days Of Intense Speaker Training

Private Speakers Club

I’ll teach you the skills you need to make your yearly income in 90 minutes, PLUS how to: Craft your offer, Create high-priced products, Package your offers to the right audience, and Promote yourself to event organisers


Do I Qualify? Click Here Now!

Yes You CAN Make Your
Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

Get TwoA Lifeline To Me (Sean Roach)
For An Entire Year

Whether you need help getting your presentation together, or when you want to take your speaking career and income to the next level… I’ll be there as a lifeline. (Remember, this is how Steve quickly started earning more than $1.6 Million a year!)

Get ThreeExclusive Membership to Expert Catapult™
Valued at $6,997.00

The Expert Catapult System™ is designed to help position you as the top-of-mind business choice in your niche. With Expert Catapult you get access to a suite of completely online-based tools & software to help you with; Kindle direct publishing, internet marketing, website building, product creation, leads generation, web traffic, and much more…

Become an instant author.

Get ThreeHelp Establishing Yourself
As a ‘Best-Selling Author’

Your books will be published on Amazon Kindle, along with printed books for your events and help with finer touches of the Amazon Author page. Then…to top it off, you get to tap into the marketing that goes behind our 12 years and 1500+ “best-selling” authors and books!

launch your speaking career

Get ThreeHelp launching your speaking career

When You Are Ready (And We Think You’re a Good Fit)

We’ll help you launch your speaking career by marketing you to our database of over 200,000 people from Australia, New Zealand & North America. This is a really cool part, and one that can help you launch your speaking career in a BIG WAY

Get FiveYou'll Have A Chance To Be Taken
On a National Speaking Tour!

This is HUGE! Once again If we feel your message will be a match for our database, we want to put you on a speaking tour around multiple cities in Australia… maybe even the US. This is where your income can explode from several hundred thousand to over a million dollars - PLUS - massive worldwide exposure!

Get Support

Get SevenOngoing Support From Myself
& My Team For 12 Months

I’ll be there to assist you with positioning yourself as a speaker, driving traffic/getting leads, local and international contacts, your online book publication, or whatever else you can draw from my 18-years’ experience.

PLUS PLUS… other mind-blowing surprises
we've decided NOT to reveal on this page!

Looks amazing right?

It is. It's a HUGE commitment from our end and that's why we are only taking on a small group… So we can keep it personalised and of the highest quality training.

You are welcome to apply.

Do I Qualify? Click Here Now!

Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!


"I've made my investment back many times over"

Dr Tony Pennells
Financial Adviser

So Why Is This An Application Only Event?

Application Only

For the simple reason that we only want the serious players in this group. People who WE believe we can help…

They don't have to be super-talented or experienced. Don't worry, I can spot people with potential. What we are looking for are people with the right attitude and commitment. And they must have a product or message that we believe will make a difference in people’s lives. Even if it's just an idea right now, this training will be a perfect fit.

Most of all… No tyre-kickers allowed.

This Is A Business Investment –
Not A Warm & Fuzzy Hug-A-Thon
Event To Make You Feel Good.

The purpose is to get you results, financial results - not just applause.

Okay, that's enough… If you‘re smart enough to see how this training can catapult your success as a speaker… and you like the idea of us taking you on tour so you can spread your message and sell your message to the World… then the next step is easy.

Simply click the "Do I Qualify?" button on this page, or
contact our VIP Coordinator, Nyrie, at qualify@sellfromstage.com
or call 0439 558 606 with any questions at all.

After you do, we’ll send you a quick questionnaire about yourself, then set up a suitable interview time to see if you qualify.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next page…

To your success,

Sean Roach, Ford Saeks and the Catapult team

P.S. This training will be filled with only the sharpest people. What that means is… the networking and connections you will make will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (at least). So apply to now to see if you qualify to make it to the next stage… Hopefully you do… and you can look forward to a whole new exciting life of financial independence and freedom… Be an action taker today!

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Yes You Can Make Your Yearly Income In 90 Minutes!

Questions Questions? Call our VIP Coordinator Nyrie NOW
on 0439 558 606 or +1 702 987 1141

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